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The Giver (Grade 7)

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The Giver

What memory does the Receiver transmit to give Jonas an example of pain?
  1. Crashing on the sled.
  2. Cutting himself.
  3. Frostbite.
  4. Sunburn.
When Jonas asks what happened to things like snow, the Receiver calls it "sameness."
  1. True
  2. False
Which of these memories was not a totally new concept for Jonas?
  1. Cold
  2. Wind
  3. Hill
  4. They were all new to him.
What is the most obvious difference between the Receiver's dwelling and Jonas' own dwelling?
  1. The books.
  2. The bed.
  3. The curved table legs.
  4. NOTA
What was the first surprise Jonas received when he arrived for the first day of training?
  1. That the door had a buzzer.
  2. That the attendant stood when Jonas came in.
  3. That the Receiver had a secretary.
  4. NOTA
Why does the final rule unnerve Jonas so much?
  1. It promises pain.
  2. He realizes he has no way of knowing the truth.
  3. He doesn't understand it.
  4. NOTA
What stuns Jonas so much about the instructions he is given?
  1. There is only a single sheet.
  2. There is no time for recreation.
  3. He can lie.
  4. NOTA
When a name is never used again, it means the last person to have that name was so great that the name is not used any longer out of respect and honor for that person.
  1. True
  2. False
Which of the following qualities does the Chief Elder say that Jonas does not yet possess?
  1. Wisdom
  2. Integrity
  3. Courage
  4. NOTA
What is the punishment used for small children?

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