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Fahrenheit 451 (Grade 10)

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Fahrenheit 451

Which of the following reasons is NOT one Beatty gives for burning the books?
  1. None of the books agreed with each other
  2. It is the law
  3. The people in the books never lived
  4. Books are environmentally wasteful
Why was the alarm at the old woman's house so "inconvenient"?
  1. Usually the occupants are taken away before the firemen start the fire
  2. She baked them cookies and delayed their next alarm
  3. The alarm disturbed the peace of the subdivision
  4. The woman's alarm scared the firemen.
According to firehouse literature, who was the first fireman charged with burning books?
  1. George Washington
  2. Marlon Brando
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. Barack Obama
What question troubles Montag the most?
  1. "Do you ever read any of the books you burn?"
  2. "Does the smell of kerosene bother you?"
  3. "Why don't you have a dog?"
  4. "Are you happy?"
What does the fireman's hose spray?
  1. Water
  2. Kerosene
  3. Lighter fluid
  4. Gasoline
Throughout Part One, Bradbury compares books to                .
  1. beetles
  2. birds
  3. drugs
  4. guns
What does Clarisse say has happened to all her friends?
  1. They all think she's too rude to be her friend
  2. They have all gone off to college
  3. They have all been shot or killed in car wrecks.
  4. They have thrown her a birthday party
Which quote corresponds to how Montag feels about bring a fireman in the beginning of the book?
  1. "It was a pleasure to burn"
  2. "He kicked the crystal bottle"
  3. "He tossed and turned, upset about Mildred"
  4. "Are you happy?"
Who is Montag?
  1. A Fireman
  2. The Protagonist
  3. The author
  4. Both A & B
According to Beatty, the reason accepted books and magazines became shorter and shorter is:
  1. People didn't like books that had more then 2 characters.
  2. People wanted encapsulated versions because they didn't have time to read.
  3. Printing press ink became too expensive to produce.
  4. People did not have the energy to turn more than 50 pages by hand because of disease.
What concept does Clarisse represent in Montag's life?
  1. Choice
  2. Questioning
  3. Change
  4. Hunger
Which of the following is an example of how this society views animal and human life?
  1. The ER techs are very concerned and kind to Mildred
  2. The game the firemen play with the Hound
  3. The shows on the walls of TV in Montag's house
  4. Clarisse's uncle is elected Mayor.
What literature did Montag preserve?
  1. War and Peace
  2. Book of Ecclesiastes
  3. Constitution of the United States
  4. Shakespeare's plays
What did Captain Beatty believe?
  1. He believed that all people should be masters of their own destinies.
  2. He believed that books put upsetting thoughts in people's minds and kept them from being happy and satisfied.
  3. He believed that firemen should be the highest paid workers because they were doing the most important
  4. He believed that the world was about to end because of all the greed and corruption.
Are there any circumstances where censorship might play a beneficial role in society? Are there some books that should be banned?

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