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The Iliad (Grade 10)

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The Iliad

Why does Chryses offer Agamemnon money?
  1. Because Chryses needed a new friend.
  2. Because Chryses likes giving away money.
  3. Because Agamemnon kidnapped his daughter and he wanted her back.
  4. Because Agamemnon loaned Chryses Money.
Which of the following doesn't happen as an example of divine intervention in human affairs in Book 22 and 24 of the Iliad?
  1. Hermes steals Hector's body to protect it from Achilles' abuse.
  2. Athena helps Achilles in battle.
  3. Athena lures Hector to his doom in battle.
  4. Zeus declare that Achilles must return Hector's body to Priam
Which of the following is the key motivation for Achilles' defiling Hector's corpse?
  1. He wishes to sap the morale of the Trojan army.
  2. He wishes to ensure the Achaeans' victory.
  3. He wishes to avenge Patroclus' death.
  4. He wishes to curry favor with the gods.
How did Achilles disgrace Hector's dead body?
  1. He cut off his head.
  2. He hung him on the gates of Troy.
  3. He drug him behind his horse cart.
  4. He buried everything but his head.
How did Athena convince Hector to fight Achilles face to face?
  1. She pretended to be his brother.
  2. She called him a coward.
  3. She said the gods were on his side.
  4. She had his army standing by.
In the Iliad as Achilles approached Hector, Hector...
  1. stood his ground
  2. ran and ran and ran
  3. killed himself
  4. called his brother to help
Achilles re-joined the war after...
  1. Patroclus was killed
  2. Hector got his armor
  3. he was made leader of the troops
  4. a and c
  5. a and b
Who kills Achilles?
  1. Hector
  2. Patroclus
  3. Agamemnon
  4. Paris
When Achilles kills Hector, what does he do with his body?
  1. Takes his armor
  2. Leaves him where he is
  3. Defiles him
  4. Gives him the proper treatment
The climax of the "Iliad" is when who joins the battle?
  1. Hector
  2. Achilles
  3. Ajax
  4. Zeus
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