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Capitalization and Punctuation (Grade 2)

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Capitalization and Punctuation

Choose the sentence that has correct capitalization.
  1. My aunt Julie always makes me tasty treats.
  2. In the winter, sharon wears a big fur coat.
  3. there are seven days in a week.
Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
  1. Please pass me the mashed potatoes?
  2. Did you understand the end of that book?
  3. My name is Joe?
Choose the sentence that uses commas correctly.
  1. There are five, birds in that tree.
  2. My mom likes to read books to my brother and, I.
  3. Gorillas eat bugs sometimes, but they usually eat fruit.
Please correctly rewrite the following sentence:

monkeys and apes are both primates but apes don't have tails

If you see an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, how might the person speaking feel?

The title of a book or movie is underlined.
  1. True
  2. False
Which sentence shows strong feelings?
  1. Wow, what an athlete!
  2. I can't go on the field trip.
  3. Why did the music stop?
Choose the greeting that is written correctly.
  1. Dear Grandma
  2. Dear, Grandma
  3. Dear, Grandma,
  4. Dear Grandma,
Which sentence is written correctly?
  1. Where are the Flowers?
  2. Where are the flowers?
  3. where r the flowers.
Which word is a proper noun and should be capitalized?
  1. summer
  2. truck
  3. los altos elementary
  4. ice cream
  5. classroom
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