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Adverbs (Grade 7)

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What four questions does an adverb answer?

When an adverb modifies an adjective or adverb, where will it be located in the sentence?

Identify the adverb in the sentence below.

These rocks and dust grains sometimes enter the earth's atmosphere.
  1. these
  2. atmosphere
  3. sometimes
  4. dust
The correct comparative form of the adverb "quickly" is:
  1. quicker
  2. quickest
  3. more quickly
  4. quicklier
The correct superlative form of the adverb "well" is:
  1. most well
  2. best
  3. better
  4. more well
In the following sentence, pick out the ADVERB.

Cameron whispered softly to him.
  1. whispered
  2. softly
  3. to
Identify the adverb in each of the sentences.
1. Audrey looked longingly across the street.
2. "I'm going there after I've graduated, " Hunter said decisively, as he pointed to a map of Australia.
  1. longingly, there
  2. longingly, there and decisively
  3. across, decisively
Adverbs answer the following questions:
  1. do, does, did, may, can
  2. hadn't, didn't, ever, who, why
  3. who, what , where, when, why this be
  4. where, when, how, how often, how long,
Find the adverb in the following sentence.
My younger brother walked sleepily toward the living room.
  1. younger
  2. brother
  3. walked
  4. sleepily
An adverb that modifies a verb maybe located anywhere in the sentence.
  1. True
  2. False
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