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The Eagle (Grade 9)

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The Eagle

In "The Eagle," the line "The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls" illustrates which of the following sound devices?
  1. alliteration
  2. assonance
  3. personification
  4. onomatopoeia
Which of the following can you infer from the end of "The Eagle"?
  1. The bird folds its wings and falls into a deep sleep.
  2. The eagle recognizes its mate.
  3. The eagle plummets to the sea and grasps its prey.
  4. The eagle begins to build a nest.
At the beginning of "The Eagle," where does the bird find itself?
  1. flying over water
  2. perched on a tree
  3. perched on a crag
  4. soaring high in the air
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