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Simple Machines (Grade 5)

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Simple Machines

Which is not an example of a simple machine?
  1. screw
  2. pulley
  3. fulcrum
  4. inclined plane
A nail can be hammered into a piece of wood, but a bolt cannot. What simple machine can be found at the point of a nail?
  1. a wheel and axle
  2. an inclined plane
  3. a lever
  4. a wedge
A seesaw is an example of what simple machine?
  1. Wedge
  2. Lever
  3. Inclined plane
  4. Screw
A screw is a(n)                wrapped around a central cylinder.
  1. lever
  2. wedge
  3. inclined plane
  4. wheel and axle
In a second class lever, the load is placed in between the fulcrum and the effort. Given this information, which of the following is NOT a second class lever?
  1. Bottle Opener
  2. Fishing Rod
  3. Nut Cracker
  4. Paper Cutter
A faucet handle is an example of a                   .
  1. movable pulley
  2. wheel and axle
  3. push-pull meter
  4. second-class lever
Lexie twists the cap off the bottle of juice. What type of simple machine is the cap?
  1. screw
  2. pulley
  3. wheel and axle
  4. inclined plane
A pulley is most closely related to which other simple machine?
  1. lever
  2. screw
  3. inclined plane
  4. wheel and axle
What type of simple machine is a mountain road?
  1. lever
  2. wedge
  3. inclined plane
  4. wheel and axle
Which of the following best explains why lifting a heavy object with a single fixed pulley and rope makes the task seem easier?
  1. Less force is needed to lift the object.
  2. Less work is done when moving the object.
  3. The direction of the force required to lift the object is changed.
  4. The force needed to move the object is applied over a greater distance.
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