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Propaganda Techniques (Grade 7)

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Propaganda Techniques

Propaganda techniques are used:
  1. as figurative language
  2. as persuasion motivators to perspective buyers
  3. as ways to inference details
  4. none of the above
Which of the following is an example of the bandwagon technique?
  1. Are you tired of thinking up new gifts every time you get a party invitation?
  2. Don't be the only person without a great gift at the next baby shower.
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt once complained about thinking of unique gifts.
  4. Other gift shops in this neighborhood are full of expensive junk.
Nike uses people as advertisements because they know that once everyone has the "new" pair everyone else will buy them just because they want to be like others.

This is an example of what persuasive technique?
  1. emotional appeal
  2. bandwagon
  3. name-calling
  4. fear appeal
What propaganda technique is being used in the following example?

A television commercial portrays a terrible automobile accident that causes people to die and reminds viewers to wear their seat-belts.
  1. Name calling
  2. Fear appeal
  3. Glittering Generalities
  4. Bandwagon
Speakers attempt to convince their audience that they, and their ideas, are "of the people." The device is used by advertisers and politicians alike. It is called...
  1. testimonial
  2. bandwagon
  3. plain folks
  4. snob appeal
Using negative words to attack the competition:
  1. bandwagon
  2. card stacking
  3. name calling
  4. testimonial
When people try to get others to trust them because "they are just like you." The type of propaganda used is:
  1. Bandwagon
  2. Testimonial
  3. Appeal to Authority
  4. Plain Folks Approach
What propaganda technique does the sentence below use?

McDonald's $1 menu is available now; it has over 12 items that cost only $1, so if you have $1, you're in luck!
  1. Bias
  2. Bandwagon
  3. Repetition
  4. Plain Folks
If you try to turn people against another person by calling that person a "loser", what propaganda technique are you using?
  1. Name calling
  2. Transfer
  3. Glittering Generalities
  4. Plain Folks
What propaganda technique is being used in the following example?

"Everyone is wearing Uggs this year, so why aren't you wearing them too?"
  1. Name calling
  2. Bandwagon
  3. Testimonial
  4. Card stacking

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