This printable supports Common Core ELA Standards CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.6, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.4.8

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Author's Purpose (Grade 5)

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Author's Purpose

The three main goals or purpose that an author may use when writing are?
  1. Excite, Hype, Wow
  2. Lie, Dilute, Falsify
  3. Inform, Entertain, Persuade
  4. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reality
Which is NOT an example of something written to inform?
  1. News Articles
  2. Textbooks
  3. Advertisements
  4. Biographies
  5. Documentaries
Which is NOT an example of things written to persuade?
  1. Poetry
  2. Advertisements
  3. Speeches
  4. Commercials
First be sure to check the date on the bread. Then take out the peanut butter, jelly and a knife. Then, take the knife and put it into the peanut butter and then spread it on one side of each piece of bread. Next, take the jelly and spread it on one of the slices on top of the peanut butter. Now it's time to put one slice on top of the other. You can cut the sandwich either in half or in quarters.

The author wrote this piece to...
  1. entertain
  2. persuade
  3. convince
  4. inform
It was a glorious morning in Alabama. The sun was shining through the trees. Alan couldn't wait to find his fishing pole and call his friend Sam to go fishing. They had a great time on these early morning fishing trips. They took their dogs with them and the dogs would swim in the lake while they fished. It was so funny to watch those dogs paddle around the lake.

What is the purpose of the passage above?
  1. Entertain
  2. Inform
  3. Explain
  4. Persuade
What is the author's purpose?

What do you do with aluminum cans? Do you throw them in the trash, or do you recycle when you are finished with them? At the rate we are filling our landfills, we will not have anywhere else to put our trash. If you recycle, you will help the environment. The next time you throw away your Coke can, think about putting it in a recycling bin. Your effort will help save your community.
  1. To entertain
  2. To persuade
  3. To inform
Everyone should have a pet. Pets are very loving and affectionate. They help children learn responsibility. Pets give you unconditional love. Having a pet is a wonderful experience.

What is the author's purpose for this article?
  1. Inform
  2. Persuade
  3. Entertain
  4. Explain
The Underground Railroad was a secret organization which helped slaves to escape to freedom. Many slaves were able to escape because of the conductors and station masters. The northern states were free states and slaves were free once they arrived in the north. Secret codes and signals were used to identify the conductors and station masters.

The author's purpose is to:
  1. Explain
  2. Inform
  3. Persuade
  4. Entertain
The spaceship landed in the middle of the playground. Everyone froze. No one dared to speak or move. Suddenly, a little door on the bottom of the craft opened. The people didn't know whether to run or stay, so they just watched to see what would happen next. Suddenly a small green creature appeared and looked around at the startled people. He looked as surprised to see them as they were to see him. "Oops," he said. "Wrong planet!" He then turned around and scampered back into his ship and shut the door. Suddenly there was a whoosh and the ship disappeared. The people looked at each other, shrugged and the children started playing again.

The purpose of this article is to:
  1. Inform
  2. Persuade
  3. Entertain
  4. Impress
Tommy was not happy one little bit. His sister, Susan was making honor roll... again! His parents would let her do anything she wanted to do. Tommy was not making honor roll this time and he was not going to be allowed to do all the things he wanted to do. Poor Tommy! He decided he would just have to study harder and get back on the honor roll. He'd show them!

The author's purpose is to:
  1. Persuade
  2. Inform
  3. Entertain
  4. Describe

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