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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Grade 5)

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

As Edmund rode along on the sledge with the queen, what are his thoughts?
  1. He wishes he could be with his family, even with Peter.
  2. He wishes to sing a long happy song.
  3. He thinks of Christmas.
  4. He wonders what Aslan is doing and when he will see him.
Mr. Beaver tells the children that Edmund is treacherous and has betrayed all of them. How does he know all of this?
  1. He looked at Edmund's face.
  2. He looked at Edmund's eyes.
  3. He looked at Edmund's lips.
  4. He looked at Edmund's ears.
What happened to Edmund while with the beaver family?
  1. He ran into the robin and went a different way and the home.
  2. Edmund got lost on the way to the beavers' home.
  3. Edmund was caught by the White Witch and forced to tell her.
  4. Edmund went back to the White Witch to report on them.
Why did all of the children go inside the wardrobe?
  1. To play hide and seek
  2. To find Edmund
  3. To hide from Mrs. Macready
  4. All of the above
Which character ends up killing the Witch?
  1. Aslan
  2. Peter
  3. Edmund
  4. Susan
The Queen of Narnia is not a human.
  1. True
  2. False
What does Edmund get from the queen this time, when he asks for Turkish Delight?
  1. Tons of Turkish Delight
  2. Some bread and Turkish Delight
  3. Dinner and Turkish Delight
  4. Bread and water
What gift did Father Christmas give to Peter?
  1. A knife made of fine silver.
  2. A bow and arrow set.
  3. A small glass bottle.
  4. A shield and sword.
What important information does the beaver tell the children?
  1. Aslan has perhaps arrived.
  2. For dinner they will have potatoes and fish.
  3. How to build a beautiful dam.
  4. They live in the forest.
When the Pevensies return to the Professor's home, they are the same age as when they left Narnia.
  1. True
  2. False
When Lucy and Peter go to the professor to tell him they think Lucy is out of her mind, he reacts by:
  1. agreeing that there could be no such place. He tells them he will speak to Lucy and determine if she is really insane.
  2. reprimanding them for exploring the room with the wardrobe. The room is in his private quarter off limits to children.
  3. believing her story and telling them that their view of reality is "narrow" if they reject the possibility of another word like Narnia.
When Edmund first enters Narnia, he encounters:
  1. A Queen
  2. A Faun
  3. A Giant
  4. A Lion
  5. None of the above
As Edmund approaches the castle, he sees something that nearly made his heart stop beating. What did Edmund see?
  1. A large dog.
  2. A large plant that talks.
  3. A large bird statue.
  4. A large lion statue.
Which legendary character do you think Aslan symbolizes?
  1. The Lion from Aesop's Fable The Lion and The Mouse
  2. Mufasa from The Lion King
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. A and C
  5. A and B
  6. None of the above
By the time of the battle, Edmund has already clearly proven to be on Aslan's side. Why does Aslan wait to crown Edmund as prince until after the battle?

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