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The Election of the Pope (Grade 6)

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The Election of the Pope

The word Catholic is derived from the Greek adjective "katholikos," which means:
  1. sanctity
  2. universal
  3. unity
  4. holy
What does the word pope mean?
  1. the boss
  2. patriarch
  3. high priest
  4. head or father of the church
The pope lives where?
  1. Poland
  2. The Vatican
  3. Italy
  4. Washington D.C.
Which pope launched the First Crusade?
  1. Pope John II
  2. Pope Dominicus
  3. Pope Urban II
  4. Pope Gregory
Latin-speaking Christians accepted the pope as the leader of their church and it became known as the                 Church.
  1. Methodist
  2. Greek Orthodox
  3. Roman Catholic
  4. Baptist
The first Pope was:
  1. Peter
  2. Paul
  3. John
  4. Andrew
John Paul II was a                                .
  1. Polish pope
  2. Train conductor
  3. Life guard
  4. Famous singer
The new Pope is chosen by the College of:
  1. Bishops
  2. Archbishops
  3. Cardinals
  4. Priests
What color smoke emanates from the Sistine Chapel's chimney to indicate a new Pope has been chosen?
  1. Black
  2. Green
  3. White
  4. Blue
In March of 2013, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio chose the name:
  1. Pope Francis
  2. Pope John
  3. Pope Benedict
  4. Pope Jorge
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