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Renewable Energy (Grade 10)

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Renewable Energy

Most renewable energy originates from                .
  1. fossil fuels
  2. the ground
  3. the Sun
  4. uranium
Geothermal power can be found
  1. only in California.
  2. nowhere on Earth.
  3. some places on Earth.
  4. many places on Earth.
Using wind power to make electricity
  1. Heat Energy
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Light Energy
The clean, relatively low-cost energy source from the Sun is referred to as
  1. solar energy.
  2. magnetic energy.
  3. energy efficient.
  4. wind power.
A disadvantage of a wind farm is
  1. it uses a renewable energy resource.
  2. it does not produce air polluting gases.
  3. it produces less energy when winds are weak.
  4. it does not need to be imported from other countries.
Geothermal energy keeps houses                 in the summer and                 in the winter.
  1. warm, warm
  2. warm, cool
  3. cool, cool
  4. cool, warm
In order to create solar energy, sunlight needs to be
  1. shined.
  2. converted.
  3. measured.
  4. boiled.
The energy from moving water is called                .
  1. solar power
  2. hydropower
  3. wind power
  4. fossil fuels
The amount of solar energy an area receives DOES NOT depend on
  1. temperature.
  2. time of day.
  3. season of the year.
Why is geothermal energy considered a renewable resource?
  1. It doesn't matter if the water from underground evaporates.
  2. The water evaporates.
  3. The water cycle makes it rain.
  4. The water can be put back and reused.
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