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Common Reading Strategies (Grade 6)

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Common Reading Strategies

Good readers use                   when reading.
  1. clues
  3. sticky notes
  4. fix-up strategies
Becoming familiar with a reading selection before you begin to read is which active reading strategy?
  1. predicting
  2. monitoring
  3. inferencing
  4. previewing
Having a purpose for reading helps me to
  1. remember what I have read.
  2. understand what I am reading.
  3. understand the author's purpose.
  4. find the information I am looking for.
Daniel is reading a scary book. It reminds him of the movie he just saw about zombies. Daniel is using what reading strategy?
  1. predicting
  2. summarizing
  3. inferring
  4. making connections
Ashley imagines what the character looks like as he is described as tall, spiked hair, golden skin with dark eyes. What reading strategy is she using?
  1. summarizing
  2. visualizing
  3. predicting
  4. inferring
Jack likes to read books about dogs because they make him think about his dog, Bingo, and all the things they do together. What reading strategy is Jack using?
  1. predicting
  2. making connections
  3. inferring
  4. summarizing
If you have trouble understanding a word in a passage or sentence of a story you may want to read previous words or the end of the sentence to determine what the word means. What is this reading comprehension skill known as?
  1. text messaging
  2. content origins
  3. words in context
  4. scanning
Maria is reading a story and begins to remember when she was in a car accident just like the main character. What reading strategy is Maria using?
  1. predicting
  2. visualizing
  3. making connections
  4. summarizing
Jose feels like he is one of the characters from the book he is reading. He imagines it like a movie playing. What reading strategy is Jose using?
  1. summarizing
  2. inferring
  3. predicting
  4. visualizing
While reading, if I do not know what I have read, or something is not clear, I should
  1. write "I don't know" on my notes.
  2. keep reading, I want to finish first.
  3. go back and reread to find my answers.
  4. keep reading, maybe I will understand later.
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