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Critical Thinking (Grade 9)

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is
  1. a search for truth.
  2. establishing your beliefs on issues.
  3. determining which beliefs are plausible to the issue at hand.
  4. reverting or finding a solution to long-held beliefs.
Critical Thinking is the ability                                                   and to                                                                                                                                         . Critical thinkers                                               ,                                                                       that                            the                           , discover                                     , question                              and traditional                      , make                                                 , and develop                                           .
What is the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking?
  1. There isn't much of a difference; They're basically the same.
  2. Creative thinking is a necessary part of making decisions and critical thinking is not.
  3. Critical thinking is a necessary part of solving problems and other important tasks but creative is not.
  4. Critical thinking is logical, analytical, self-reflective, conscious and creative thinking has some of the same qualities of critical but also inventive and original.
All of the following are thinking steps to prevent drawing false inferences EXCEPT
  1. verify and value the facts.
  2. assess prior knowledge.
  3. detect contradictions.
  4. listen to your personal opinions and experience.
Which of the following is a good strategy for finding bias in visual media?
  1. Be aware of points of view.
  2. Use a critical eye.
  3. Trust images like photos and video.
  4. All of the above.

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