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Writing a Research Paper (Grade 9)

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Writing a Research Paper

A Works Cited list includes                                              .
  1. all the sources you read for the paper.
  2. all the sources you know of about your topic.
  3. all the sources you used for the paper.
  4. both print and non-print sources.
  5. both c and d
  6. all of the above
The process of placing the citation into your text is called                    .
  1. inserting a source
  2. listing works cited
  3. citing a source
  4. stating a source
  5. sorting references
  6. preparing sources
  7. none of the above
The thesis statement for a research paper                                                             .
  1. helps organize the information you have collected.
  2. helps you emphasize certain aspects of your topic.
  3. states the main idea of your topic.
  4. tells your readers exactly what you're covering in the paper
  5. all of the above
  6. Only a and c above
  7. none of the above
To remove clutter within the text of the research paper, some people prefer to use                   .
  1. online databases
  2. Excel spreadsheets
  3. endnotes
  4. footnotes
  5. Only a and b above
  6. Only c and d above
  7. none of the above
The most common way to conclude a research paper is to                                                         .
  1. restate the main idea
  2. restate the principal arguments supporting the main idea
  3. supply necessary background information
  4. all of the above
  5. Only a and b above
  6. Only b and c above
  7. none of the above
What purposes are accomplished by the introduction to a research paper?
  1. It provides background information and key terms.
  2. It grabs the reader's attention.
  3. It presents the main idea, or thesis statement.
  4. all of the above
  5. Only a and b above
  6. Only b and c above
  7. none of the above
The content of your research paper should contain several quoted or paraphrased citations, one after the other.
  1. True
  2. False
Put the following steps of writing the research paper into the correct order
__1-limiting your subject to a specific to
__2finding an angle and writing a statement of controlling purpose
__3choosing your subject
__4doing preliminary research
__5preparing a list of possible sources, a working bibliography
__6writing the final draft
__7taking notes and developing a rough, or working, outline
__8writing your first draft
__9writing your Works Cited page, a complete list of sources used in the paper
__10revising your first draft
__11organizing notes and making a final outline

Why would it be important for someone who is writing a research paper to be knowledgeable about synonyms?

It is not appropriate to use graphic aids, such as maps, charts, tables, or diagrams in a formal research paper.
  1. True
  2. False
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