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Setting (Grade 4)

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Setting is...
  1. the time and place of action in a story.
  2. the description of characters.
  3. the problem in the story.
I was standing right there when Kemisha accidentally stepped on Keyshauna's foot in the line. Keyshauna shoved Kemisha backwards into the jello molds. Kemisha spilled her drink all over her brand new shirt. She was so mad, but not interested in getting into more trouble then she was already in. Just as Keyshauna reached up to grab Kemisha's hair the principal intervened and sent them to the office.

Based on the story what is the most appropriate setting?
  1. The line at a football game
  2. The cafeteria lunch line
  3. A classroom
  4. The girls' locker room
The entire school was there! I was so excited to have finally made the team. I was standing there shaking my pom poms in the air like a maniac. The crowd was wild and inside this room the noise was so loud I thought I might bust an eardrum. The students were stomping on the bleachers showing immense school spirit.

Based upon what you know from the passage, what do you think is the most appropriate setting?
  1. at a concert
  2. at a school pep rally in the gym
  3. at a football game concession stand
  4. at a magnet tour
It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Which part of the setting does this sentence describe?
  1. Where
  2. When
Our house sat right on the edge of the river.

Which part of the setting does the sentence above describe?
  1. Where
  2. When
Which is NOT part of the setting?
  1. Day
  2. Time
  3. Problem
  4. Location
Fill in the blanks to describe which setting the following characters might be found in:

Cow -               
Camel -                   
Eskimo -                                       
Cactus -                   
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