Subordinating Conjunctions (Grade 8)

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Subordinating Conjunctions

In the following sentence, which word(s) serve as the subordinating conjunctions?

Until your father comes, you must wait here.
While waiting for his father, Tom read a novel.
Because she studied correctly, Martha passed the test.
  1. your, his, she
  2. until, while, because
  3. wait, read, studied
  4. until, for, correctly
Read the following sentence and pick out the subordinating conjunction:

Unless we act now, all is lost.
  1. now
  2. we
  3. unless
  4. act
The following are subordinating conjunctions except:
  1. although
  2. when
  3. but
  4. if
What is the DEPENDENT CLAUSE, also known as the subordinating clause, in the following sentence?

Although Bill was sick, he still went to work.
  1. Although
  2. he was still sick
  3. was sick
  4. Although Bill was sick
Which word is the best choice for the subordinating clause?
                Henry wanted to join the Army, he had to take a series of tests.
  1. Because
  2. And
  3. Then
  4. During
Which word from the sentence below is a subordinating conjunction?
Though the team had practiced for hours before the competition, they still did not win.
  1. though
  2. still
  3. before
  4. not
                Miranda did not read the map correctly, she was extremely lost after she made the wrong turn.

Which word is the best choice for the subordinating clause?
  1. Because
  2. If
  3. Unless
  4. Although

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