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Stargirl (Grade 7)

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Leo becomes unhappy in his relationship with Stargirl when he realizes:
  1. Stargirl doesn't really like him.
  2. he actually is in love with Hillari Kimble.
  3. Stargirl is causing the Electrons to lose.
  4. he and Stargirl are being shunned by the rest of the school.
Susan becomes Stargirl again after:
  1. she is kicked off the cheerleading squad.
  2. she wins the state oratorical competition.
  3. Dori refuses to go to the oratorical competition with her.
  4. she leads the bunny hop at the Ocotillo Ball.
Stargirl's appearance on Hot seat turns out to be a disaster because:
  1. Cinnamon poops in Kevin's pocket.
  2. Kevin insults her with his questions.
  3. the jury becomes aggressive and mean to her.
  4. Stargirl doesn't say anything.
Stargirl could be best described as:
  1. common
  2. charming
  3. reclusive
  4. unique
Leo thinks that Stargirl might be the way she is because of what?
  1. She has a ukulele.
  2. She was home-schooled until 10th grade.
  3. She has freckles on the bridge of her nose.
  4. She is really tall.
As Stargirl begins to become more popular do more people try to become close to her?
Explain your answer.

Leo believes that the shunning will end when Stargirl becomes more like "them."
  1. True
  2. False
Stargirl has seventeen pebbles in her Happy Wagon while she is Susan.
  1. True
  2. False
Stargirl's initial popularity begins to fade mainly because:
  1. the basketball team loses the championship.
  2. Hillari Kimble doesn't like her.
  3. she begins to date Leo.
  4. she is caught flirting with Wayne Parr.
In the brief time Stargirl was very popular, in which way did the other students NOT show their admiration for her?
  1. They bought all the rats from the mall pet store.
  2. They decorated their desks with curtains and flowers.
  3. They smear tomatoes all over their faces.
  4. They are nicer to one another in school.
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