Place Value - 11 to 19 (Grade 1)

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Place Value - 11 to 19

Count the groups of tens and ones.

Ten Cubes One CubeOne CubeOne CubeOne CubeOne Cube

How many tens?            How many ones?            How many blocks?           
Circle a group of ten baseballs.


How many tens?            How many ones?            How many baseballs?           
Write the missing number in the space.

a) 12 = 1 ten and            one(s)

b) 18 =            ten(s) and 8 ones

c)            = 1 ten and 7 ones
Write the number of tens and ones for each number.

a) 19 =            ten(s) and            one(s)

b) 11 =            ten(s) and            one(s)

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