Word Problems - Adding & Subtracting up to 100 (Grade 2)

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Word Problems - Adding & Subtracting up to 100

Instructions: Write an equation for each word problem, then solve the problem.

During a game, Ava's baseball team has 9 people playing on the field and 5 people sitting in the dugout. If all team members are at the game, how many people are on Ava's baseball team?

Jayla has 12 muffins to share with her classmates. There are 17 children in class today. How many more muffins does Jayla need so each student can have a muffin?


Maxwell has 100 blocks on the floor. If he puts 76 blocks away, how many blocks are left on the floor?
Hundred Cubes

Misty loves to read. She has the following types of books on her bookshelf:

14 mystery books
26 nonfiction books
5 comic books

How many books are on Misty's bookshelf?

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