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Sedimentary Rocks (Grade 6)

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Sedimentary Rocks

What are the three major groups of sedimentary rocks?
  1. Igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, magma
  2. Clastic rocks, organic rocks, chemical rocks
  3. Sandstone, shale, breccia
What is the process of sand and small particles forming sandstone under pressure?
  1. fermentation
  2. concrete
  3. drifting
  4. cementation
The main ingredient in soil is
  1. bacteria.
  2. weathered rock.
  3. decayed animal material.
  4. decayed plant material.
What starts the change from an igneous rock to a sedimentary rock?
  1. heat
  2. melting
  3. pressure
  4. weathering
The amount of empty space in a soil or rock is called                .
  1. loam
  2. porosity
  3. leaching
  4. texture
A measure of how easily liquids and gases pass through a soil or a rock is
  1. clay soil.
  2. vegetation.
  3. permeability.
  4. climate.
This is a sedimentary rock made of deposits of carbon. Plants decomposed millions of years ago, leaving carbon in the process. What is the result?
  1. coal
  2. chalk
  3. magma
  4. ore
What is a sedimentary rock that is a group of pebbles cemented together with pressure and chemicals in the water?
  1. cobalt
  2. granite
  3. obsidian
  4. conglomerate
Which of these is a sedimentary rock composed of protozoan shells?
  1. basalt
  2. fossil
  3. chalk
  4. lava
Sandstone is found in which geospheric layer?
  1. crust
  2. mantle
  3. core
  4. hydrosphere
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