Fraction Word Problems - Multiplication (Grade 5)

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Fraction Word Problems - Multiplication

Instructions: Solve each word problem. Show your work. Be sure to label your answers.

Caleb studied math 4 hours this week. Alexis spent [math]1/2[/math] the time that Caleb did studying math. How many hours did Alexis study math this week?
Rectangle 0/4

Grace eats 6 serving of fruits each day. Her brother Craig eats [math]2/3[/math] the servings of fruit each day as Grace. How many servings of fruit does Craig eat each day?
Circle 0/6

Mac's Apple Orchard sold 25 bushels of apples on Saturday. On Monday, the orchard sold [math]3/5[/math] as many apples as on Saturday. How many bushels of apples did Mac's Apple Orchard sell on Monday?

Max and Sammy are collecting empty soda cans for a can drive. Max collects 8 bins of cans. If Sammy collects [math]1/4[/math] as many bins of cans as Max, how many bins does Sammy collect?

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