Fraction Word Problems - Division (Grade 5)

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Fraction Word Problems - Division

Instructions: Solve each problem. Show your work. Be sure to label answers.

Aldo had [math]1/2[/math] pound of pepperoni. He divided the pepperoni evenly on a pizza with 8 slices. How many pounds of pepperoni did Aldo put on each slice of pizza?
Circle 0/8

Natasha has [math]1/3[/math] gallon of water to water her plants. If she has 4 plants and wants to give each the same amount of water, how many gallons of water does each plant receive?
Circle 1/3

A grocery store clerk divides [math]1/2[/math] crate of oranges between 3 shelves. How much of the crate of oranges did the clerk place on each shelf?

Darcy uses [math]3/4[/math] pound of flour to make 9 pretzels. Each pretzel was made with the same amount of flour. How much flour was used in each pretzel?

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