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Citing the Text (Grade 4)

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Citing the Text

Instructions: Sometimes when you read a story, an author leaves things out and hopes you can figure them out on your own. This is called making inferences and drawing conclusions. Thankfully, the author often leaves clues to help you make inferences and draw conclusions. This worksheet will help you practice reading between the lines to figure things out.

All goats are animals.
Gordon is a goat.
What conclusion can you draw about Gordon?

Joseph slammed the door and threw his backpack on the chair. His mom said "How was school today?" Joseph just glared. Joseph was having a great day.
  1. True
  2. False
The new girl at school didn't talk to anyone all day. When the teacher called on her she looked down at her desk. I don't think she made any friends on her first day.

From this I can guess that the new girl is probably                .
  1. shy
  2. kind
  3. mean
  4. funny
Luke is very competitive and loves to win when he plays sports. Kyler doesn't take sports all that seriously. So when their tennis singles match was over, it was no surprise that both boys were in a good mood, especially Luke.

Which statement is most likely true?
  1. Luke won the match.
  2. Kyler won the match.
  3. The game was rained out.
  4. Kyler was given a new truck.

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