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Context Clues (Grade 4)

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Context Clues

Instructions: When you read a story or a poem, sometimes there are words you do not understand. You can use context clues, or other details in the story to figure out what they mean.

Sometimes an author also uses words in a special way, making them mean something else. This is called figurative language and you can use details in a story to figure out what the author is trying to say when using words in special ways.

In the sentence below, what is being personified?

Like little ballerinas, the daffodils twirled and danced in the breeze.

"My show and tell journal is a secret," said Rex. "Give us a clue!" said Alex. "Okay," said Rex. "It's a secret, but it's one we all have." "Is it your journal?" asked Amy. "Nope!" said Rex. "It isn't my journal." "Give us a new clue," said Nora. Rex let them                .
  1. guess
  2. look
  3. sing
  4. hear
At halftime, Coach Durkes' rousing speech pumped up the football team.

What does pumped up mean in the sentence above?
  1. To discourage
  2. To inflate something
  3. To be unfair
  4. To inspire someone for a difficult task
Jim lived in a fantastical world. He was a giant who wore a large hat, gigantic shoes, and a very huge pair of spectacles. The cookies he ate were half the size of a football field.

Spectacles most likely
  1. help people farm better.
  2. help people hear better.
  3. help people see better.
  4. help people feel better.
The new video game Skateboarding Skills is up and running and is set to hit stores in time for the holidays. In addition to body-language taunts, if two skaters collide, the one moving faster pushes the other out of the way.

What is the meaning of the word collide in the sentence above?
  1. to come together with direct impact
  2. to move side by side, never touching
  3. to be severely injured and angry
  4. to move very fast in a circular motion
When the waitress asked me how I liked my egg breakfast, I said, "It's EGGsactly what I needed to start my day!" What type of idiom was used in the sentence?
  1. joke
  2. palindrome
  3. sarcasm
  4. pun
"By the time the last kid gets in, we are all squeezed together like sardines in a can," is an example of a metaphor.
  1. True
  2. False
The young boy was a skyscraper next to his friend.

What does the sentence mean?
  1. He was a building.
  2. The young boy was shorter than his friend.
  3. The young boy was much taller than his friend.
  4. He had many stories.
The lighthouse stands tall at the edge
of miles and miles of sand.
His tiny light guides mighty ships
and brings them safe to land.
He doesn't fear the night so dark;
Forever he will stand.

Which type of figurative language does the author use in this poem?
  1. alliteration
  2. assonance
  3. personification
  4. idiom

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