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Metamorphic Rocks (Grade 8)

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Metamorphic Rocks

What are the three types of metamorphism?
  1. slate, marble, quartzite
  2. clastic, chemical, and organic
  3. lava, magma, and volcano
  4. contact, regional, and burial
Term for no layering or banding of minerals in metamorphic rocks.
  1. Nonfoliated
  2. Foliated
  3. Clastic
  4. Lava
Which is a metamorphic rock?
  1. shale
  2. granite
  3. slate
  4. pumice
A group of students found metamorphic rocks near a campsite. The presence of metamorphic rock is most likely evidence of that the rock formed from                    .
  1. dinosaur activity
  2. sediment deposition
  3. high pressure
  4. wind-borne sand
A classification of metamorphic rocks would include whether they are
  1. chemical or organic.
  2. intrusive or extrusive.
  3. foliated or nonfoliated.
  4. basaltic or granitic.
Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that forms from the sedimentary rock                .
  1. coal
  2. shale
  3. sandstone
  4. limestone
Which of the following correctly orders the rocks from the lowest metamorphic grade to the highest?
  1. slate, schist, gneiss
  2. gneiss, schist, slate
  3. schist, slate, gneiss
  4. gneiss, slate, schist
Which type of metamorphic rock would contain a large percentage of platy minerals such as micas?
  1. schist
  2. marble
  3. hornfels
  4. quartzite
Where would dynamic metamorphism of rocks most likely occur?
  1. next to a magma chamber
  2. near seafloor spreading
  3. within a mountain chain
  4. along a fault zone
The parent rock of marble is                .
  1. shale
  2. granite
  3. basalt
  4. limestone
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