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Decimal Word Problems (Grade 5)

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Decimal Word Problems

Louise is creating a 1-foot long comic strip. If she has marked 0.5 on her paper, what should she do to find 1 foot?
  1. Subtract 0.5
  2. Add 0.2
  3. Multiply 0.5
  4. Add 0.5
Christopher rode his bike 3.15 miles on Friday and then 4.2 miles on Saturday. How many more miles did Christopher bike on Saturday than on Friday?
  1. 1.50
  2. 1.15
  3. 1.05
  4. 7.35
In 2012, the average rainfall for the month of May was 6.21 inches. In 2013, the average rainfall in the month of May was 4.67 inches. How much more rain was recorded in May 2012 than in May 2013?
  1. 1.64 inches
  2. 2.54 inches
  3. 2.46 inches
  4. 1.54 inches
Angel bought 0.89 pound of strawberries and 1.50 pounds of cake batter so she could make a strawberry shortcake. How much did the strawberries and cake batter weigh in all?
  1. 0.61 pound
  2. 2.49 pounds
  3. 2.39 pounds
  4. 1.39 pounds
Harmony and Milik decided to have a race at the school track. Harmony's time was 57.48 seconds. Milik's time was 48.7 seconds. How much faster was Milik than Harmony?
  1. 8.78 seconds
  2. 8.59 seconds
  3. 8.69 seconds
  4. 9.69 seconds
Terrence ran for a total of 179.3 miles in practice over 61.5 days. About how many miles did he average per day?

Four friends had lunch together. The total bill for lunch came to $33.40, including tip. If they shared the bill equally, how much did they each pay?

A recipe for a cake requires 1.25 cups of milk, 0.40 cups of oil, and 0.75 cups of water. How much liquid is in the mixing bowl?

Michael brought in 18.9 pounds of candy to split evenly between all 18 students in the class. How much candy will each student get (to the nearest hundredth)?

A carpenter attached a metal cover that was 0.125 inch thick onto a board that was 1.5 inches thick. Find the combined thickness of the board and the cover.

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