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Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions (Grade 8)

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Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

What's Right for Me?

You may make an instant decision to volunteer in your community. But don't be hasty in selecting a project or organization. First, take time to think about what problems or issues in your neighborhood or community concern you. Then, as you search for the right volunteer activity, ask yourself:

- How much time do I have to commit?
- What talents or skills do I offer?
- What do I want to get out of my involvement?
- Will I enjoy this type of service?

There are many reasons to volunteer. But one should be universal - volunteer for something you can enjoy. Don't limit your thinking. You may want to volunteer in the
structured environment of a large organization, or you may prefer the more informal family feeling of a smaller group. Perhaps you want to create your own volunteer activity by engaging your friends or family, or maybe just work alone on a project.

When you've selected or narrowed your volunteer interests, you may want to talk to your parents, friends, a teacher or club sponsor, or counselor. They might have suggestions on how to go about making it happen. Call organizations and local government offices that offer services to the public. Read your local newspaper. Watch and listen to the television and radio news for ideas. Look online for volunteer opportunity databases.

After you've made a choice, commit yourself to it. Give it your energy - and adequate time - to determine if it's a good fit.

Based on this passage, what conclusion about volunteering is most likely true?
  1. It takes a good amount of time, research and consideration to choose the best type of volunteering.
  2. Volunteering tends to require more of a time commitment than most people are prepared to provide
  3. In the end, most people tend to prefer the informal types of volunteering.
  4. Finding volunteering options in a community is often more complicated than expected.
Which statement about determining if a volunteer position is a good fit is most likely correct?
  1. The fit primarily relies on a person's specific interests and preferences.
  2. A person should strive to fit whatever volunteer positions are available.
  3. The best fit is one that demands a limited amount of time and commitment
  4. Finding the best fit is easier if a person bases it on the advice of family and friends.
Pandora kept as busy as possible, knowing that idle hands could be dangerous. Despite her long list of household chores, she could not help but constantly glance back at the jar sitting under the window. Zeus had given it to her and her husband, Epimetheus, but had forbidden either of them to ever open it or else suffer his wrath. Epimetheus had made a solemn vow to obey.

Curiosity was consuming Pandora; she spent countless hours pondering what could possibly fit inside such a small jar and why it was so important the most powerful god had specifically instructed them to leave it sealed. Would it be acceptable to quickly peek inside, and then slam the lid down before Epimetheus or Zeus found out about it? It seemed like a reasonable compromise to Pandora.

Looking around to ensure her obedient husband was nowhere in sight, Pandora silently crept over and forcefully pried the tight lid from the mysterious jar. As she lifted, a horrible screeching sound emanated from inside, and hideous creatures of multiple sizes and shapes flew out. Pandora frantically pushed the lid back down, but it was too late: sickness, war, hate, and fear had entered the world. Zeus' advice had been for the best; this jar should never have been opened.
What does the author of the passage most likely mean by the phrase "idle hands could be dangerous"?
  1. Being lazy could get you in trouble with the gods.
  2. Not keeping busy can lead to trouble and curiosity.
  3. The jar was tempting Pandora to ignore her chores.
  4. Zeus would be disappointed in her if she didn't work hard.
What will Zeus most likely do when he finds out about Pandora's actions?
  1. Ignore her
  2. Talk to her
  3. Punish her
  4. Lecture her
Which word best describes Pandora?
  1. clumsy
  2. courageous
  3. cautious
  4. curious
What does the passage suggest about Pandora's husband?
  1. He would never have opened the box - no matter what.
  2. He was just as curious as Pandora.
  3. He worked hard to provide for his family.
  4. He would be punished for Pandora's actions.
Choose the answer that best replaces the word(s) in parentheses.

Pandora was afraid of Zeus' (violent anger), so she avoided opening the box at first.
  1. wrath
  2. disposition
  3. predicament
  4. ritual

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