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Main Idea (Grade 8)

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Main Idea

Student Financial Aid is available from a wide variety of sources including the federal government, individual states, directly from colleges and universities, as well as from numerous other public and private agencies and organizations. Whatever the source, all forms of college aid fall into four basic categories:

- Grants. Gift aid from grants does not have to be repaid and is generally awarded based at least partially on financial need.

- Work Study. The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is a federally funded source of financial assistance used to offset financial education costs. Students earn money by working and attending school. The money does not have to be repaid.

- Loans. Funds that are borrowed and must be repaid with interest are loans. As a general rule, educational loans have far more favorable terms and interest rates than traditional consumer loans.

- Scholarships. Offered by schools, local/community organizations, private institutions and trusts, scholarships do not have to be repaid and are generally awarded based on some specific criteria.

Which detail would fit best in the introduction of the passage?
  1. The average interest rates on most college loans
  2. The criteria for earning an academic scholarship
  3. The typical amount of financial aid given to students
  4. The history of the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)
What would make the most appropriate title for this passage?
  1. Finding the Right Repayment Plan for your College Student
  2. Learning Where to Find Student Financial Aid to Fit Your Needs
  3. Earning a College Scholarship is Easier and Faster than you Realize
  4. Understanding the Criteria Needed for Scholarships and Grants
What is the main idea in this passage?
  1. Loans almost always require the person to repay them within a set time period.
  2. College aid mainly comes from scholarships that are centered on specific criteria.
  3. Student financial aid typically takes the form of grants based on financial need.
  4. Financial aid stems from different federal, state, local and individual resources.
"Mom, I suspect I am in massive trouble," Jessica whispered over the telephone.
A hundred different problems flashed through Mrs. Tompkins' mind. Had Jessica been injured; did she despite being at summer camp; was someone being intentionally unkind?

"Remember how I was supposed to teach a workshop to everyone on how to do the Cup Song?" asked Jessica. Of course, Mrs. Tompkins remembered; ever since her Aunt Marie had taught her the song, Jessica had been practicing it and the associated moves with the plastic red cups endlessly.

"My workshop is tomorrow afternoon, so I asked if anyone knew how to play the game; absolutely everyone in the room raised their hands."

"That definitely creates a conflict," muttered Mrs. Tompkins, mulling over various suggestions for her panicked daughter. "Try this, Jessica: remember how Aunt Marie taught the song to you in both Spanish and French? Why not teach the campers the International Cup Song?"

The next afternoon, the telephone rang again, but this time Jessica sounded relatively smug as her workshop had been a resounding success. She was already making plans to learn and memorize the lyrics in German and Japanese for next year's gathering.
What is the main idea of this passage?
  1. Camp can be an extremely stressful place to go.
  2. Learning the Cup Game is fun for everyone.
  3. Mothers can always be trusted to find answers.
  4. All problems have a solution waiting to be found.
What would be the best title for this passage?
  1. The Cup Game, the Sequel
  2. Surviving Summer Camp
  3. A Visit from Aunt Marie
  4. Learning French and Spanish
The author of this passage is primarily concerned with pointing out that...
  1. the Cup Game can be sung in multiple languages.
  2. this camp was full of helpful workshops and classes.
  3. looking at a problem differently can help solve it.
  4. Jessica and her mother have trouble getting along.

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