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Word Meanings (Grade 5)

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Word Meanings

The archaeologists discovered an empty sarcophagus deep within the tomb. They were disappointed because Egyptian burial sites often contained well-preserved mummies.

What is the meaning of the word sarcophagus in the selection above?
  1. a robe
  2. a stone coffin
  3. a small jar
  4. a beetle
Read the following sentence.

"The grasshoppers devoured everything around them."

Using context clues, we can determine that the meaning of the word "devoured" is                .
  1. ate
  2. landed on
  3. flew over
  4. ignored
Elvis Presley was an American singer, musician, and actor, but is best known as "The King of Rock 'n' Roll." To date, he is the only performer to have been inducted into four music halls of fame. He has become a legend in music history. Many musicians have named Presley as a great influence on their careers.

As it is used in the passage, the word legend most nearly means?
  1. a person with a rich and well-documented heritage.
  2. a fictitious person whom stories and myths are written about.
  3. a fictitious person who is characterized as a music performer.
  4. a person so celebrated that they inspire others.
What do you think the capitalized word means in the following sentence?
Part of an archaeologist's job is to EXCAVATE bones of prehistoric animals.
  1. make money
  2. hide
  3. uncover
What do you think the capitalized word means in the following sentence?
Queen Elizabeth II has ruled as MONARCH for almost sixty years.
  1. queen
  2. principal
  3. president
The whale emerged from the water by hurling itself up to the surface.

Based on the sentence, we can infer that the word emerged means...
  1. swam
  2. floated
  3. dove
  4. appeared
The first review on the Harry Potter movie was favorable. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie. Some people even saw the movie three times!

The word FAVORABLE probably means:
  1. negative
  2. uncertain
  3. positive
  4. unclear
If the root word ess means female, what does lioness mean?
  1. laying around
  2. a lazy person
  3. a female lion
  4. a male lion
THE Swan is a very beautiful bird. It is generally white, though a black swan has been discovered in Australia. It is not very often seen in this country. It was brought from Asia and Eastern Europe into England, from whence, most probably, a few specimens have been introduced into this country. The Swan is very graceful in the water, but on land it is an awkward waddler.

The word specimen, as used in the passage, most likely means...
  1. An individual bird or animal
  2. A specific group of birds or animals
  3. A certain type of swan
  4. An animal brought to the United States
Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847. When he was a child, he had a lot of illnesses and hearing problems. As a result, he did not get to enjoy the same things as other kids his age. However, he did not let his illnesses or being nearly deaf bother him. In fact, he liked being almost deaf because he said he could sleep better and work with less noise to distract him.

Thomas Edison was almost deaf. This means that Thomas Edison...
  1. Had trouble hearing
  2. Had trouble seeing
  3. Had trouble staying healthy
  4. Had trouble listening

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