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Text Structure (Grade 4)

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Text Structure

Mary and Tracey are twin sisters. They are fourteen years of age. This is an example of:
  1. comparing
  2. contrasting
  3. chronological order
  4. fact and opinion
People on Maryland's Eastern Shore say that their part of the state is different, and they're right. "Eastern Shore" means the east side of Chesapeake Bay. The west has Maryland's largest city, Baltimore, and the state capital, Annapolis. It has the crowded suburbs of Washington, D.C. The Eastern Shore has birds, rivers, and beaches.

Life is slower east of Chesapeake Bay. The land is flat and marshy. There are many small farm communities and country roads, but no large cities. There are many little shops, but few "chain" stores. There are vacation resorts for visitors to enjoy the water, wildlife, and quiet. But there are also "waterman villages," where people earn a living from crabs, oysters and fish as Marylanders have done since the 1600's.

On the Western Shore, flat land near the bay gives way to rolling hills. There are many boats, but few working fishing boaters. You'll find mostly pleasure craft in Annapolis, and cargo ships in Baltimore's busy port. South of Baltimore, farmland is being covered by homes and shopping malls. Annapolis has the United States Naval Academy. The Navy also tests airplanes at a base on the Western Shore.

Of course neither shore of Chesapeake Bay is all one thing. The Western Shore has its share of vacation spots, old farmhouses, and peaceful rivers. Both regions boast state parks, great seafood, and historic sites. And you can get up-to-date health care or video-game machine in many Eastern Shore communities as well as in Baltimore.

Which structure does this text represent?
  1. cause and effect
  2. sequence of events
  3. main idea and supporting details
  4. comparison and contrast
Kumiko wants to know what the word igneous means. If she has a reference book about rocks, where would be the best place for her to look?
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Glossary
  3. Index
  4. Preface
The sun is a powerful force. It enables plants to grow. Plants need sunshine. The sun empowers people to grow plants for food. It also enables people to live on the earth. If there were no sun, the earth would be too cold. It would also be dark. We need the sun to live. Many people enjoy the sun. It is nice to be outside on a sunny day. The sun's rays are strong. We must be safe in the sun. Scientists encourage us to wear sunscreen.

Which choice best describes how the passage is organized?
  1. proposition and support
  2. sequential order
  3. cause and effect
  4. persuasive organization
In which section of the newspaper would you find the text below?
"Fire Sweeps Through City-Damage Still Being Calculated."
  1. features
  2. advice column
  3. editorial
  4. headline
In which section of the newspaper would you find this text: "One rocking chair-good condition-$45. Drop off or pick up arrangements can be made."
  1. features
  2. editorials
  3. classifieds
  4. advice column

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