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Word Meanings - Fiction (Grade 5)

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Word Meanings - Fiction

In the sentence "the wind danced through the trees," what is being given human characteristics?

The day that Danny had been looking forward to was finally here...his birthday! All he had asked for was a magic kit. He had loved magic for as long as he could remember, and he had found an awesome kit on-line that he really wanted. He knew that his mom and dad were on a tight budget, but he desperately wanted this magic kit. All the way home on the school bus, he imagined himself in a long black cape performing amazing tricks. He jumped from the bus and ran like the wind all the way to his house. He opened the door and saw a brightly wrapped gift winking at him from the table. Danny held his breath as he removed the shiny silver paper. There it was - the magic kit he had dreamed of! He kissed his mom, hugged his dad, and ran to his room to let the show begin!

Read the sentence from the passage.

"He opened the door and saw a brightly wrapped gift winking at him from the table."

What does the sentence mean?
  1. The present appeared cheerful and bright.
  2. The present was alive.
  3. The present had a lot of ribbons.
  4. The present was magical.
The author says that Angie's first chore is "to diffuse organic grains in front of the chicken coop. . . ." What does diffuse mean?
  1. unconcentrated
  2. to water down
  3. ill organized
  4. spread out
You stub your toe. What is an interjection you can use?

Malkia was on cloud nine. After all of her hard work, she had been voted the sophomore class president. Malkia had known she would get her friends' votes, but she had never expected to win. She had thought long and hard on her campaign until deciding that starting a recycling program was important to her. While other students talked about adding a vending machine here or spending more money on prom there, Malkia took her mother's advice: to take the bull by the horns. Her mother knew she could make a difference if she took a strong stance on her chosen issue.
On the day of her speech, Malkia was on pins and needles. She couldn't believe she had to speak in front of the whole school. Right before she started speaking, she thought to herself, Cross your fingers this goes well. After she finished her speech, the entire auditorium gave her a standing ovation. She realized that the entire class agreed that it was time for the student council to really make a difference. She was proud to be part of a group of people who wanted change and were willing to work for it. Winning the election was just the icing on the cake.

What is the meaning of to take the bull by the horns?
  1. to lose one's self-esteem
  2. to make a fool of oneself
  3. to try to fight an animal
  4. to take strong action

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