Percent Word Problems (Grade 6)

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Percent Word Problems

Twenty-seven percent of flowers in a garden are red. Write this percentage as a fraction.

There are 100 chairs arranged for people to watch a band concert. If 92 chairs have people sitting in them during the concert, what percentage of the chairs are empty?

During study hall, 58% of the students are studying for tests, 29% of the students are doing homework, and the remaining students are writing papers. What percentage of the students are writing papers?

Norman has $100. He spends $35 on a video game. What percentage of his original $100 does Norman have left after buying the game?

Forty-nine of one hundred people surveyed said they preferred Brand A soda over Brand B soda. Seven people had no preference for Brand A or B. What percentage of the people surveyed preferred Brand B soda?

Twelve students in Ms. Vasquez's class buy lunch on Tuesday. If 50% of the students bought lunch, how many students are in Ms. Vasquez's class?

Sonny's cat Midnight had a litter of kittens. 75% of the kittens had black and white fur and the remaining kittens had black fur. If 6 kittens had black and white fur, how many kittens did Midnight have?

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