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The Ransom of Red Chief (Grade 8)

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The Ransom of Red Chief

This character is most afraid of Red Chief:
  1. Red Chief
  2. Sam
  3. Bill Driscoll
  4. Ebenezer Dorset
This character spies on the town to see what kind of things the townspeople were doing when they discovered the kidnapping:
  1. Red Chief
  2. Sam
  3. Bill Driscoll
  4. Ebenezer Dorset
This character is the kidnapper who wants to lower the amount of money in the ransom:
  1. Red Chief
  2. Sam
  3. Bill Driscoll
  4. Ebenezer Dorset
This character is ten years old:
  1. Red Chief
  2. Sam
  3. Bill Driscoll
  4. Ebenezer Dorset
This character narrates the story:
  1. Red Chief
  2. Ebenezer Dorset
  3. Bill Driscoll
  4. Sam
The climax of the plot in "Ransom of Red Chief" occurs when...
  1. Ebenezer Dorset's letter demands $250 in order to receive Johnny back home
  2. Red Chief hits Bill Driscoll with a piece of brick
  3. Sam and Bill hide Johnny in a wagon and take him to the cave
  4. Johnny tells the kidnappers that he wants to stay with him
An example of situational irony in O. Henry's story "Ransom of Red Chief" is that the kidnappers...
  1. choose a child of a prominent citizen for their crime
  2. actually pay more money to the child's parent to return the kidnapped victim
  3. are named Sam and Bill
  4. do not choose a very good location to exchange the ransom money
Foreshadowing occurs early in the story when the narrator first describes Johnny as...
  1. having red hair
  2. throwing rocks at a kitten
  3. the son of a prominent citizen in the small town of Summit
  4. "the terror of the plains" while playing Indian.
What is the best description of Johnny Dorset?
  1. He is a freckle-faced boy with red hair who enjoys being outside and playing make believe games
  2. He is one of the kidnappers in the story
  3. He is a kind-hearted young man who goes around his neighborhood doing good deeds, such as mowing lawns and washing windows
  4. He is the father of the kidnapped child
What is significant about the amounts of $2,000 and $1,500?
  1. $2000 is the amount of money that Sam and Bill got from robbing a bank, and $1500 is from the heist before that
  2. $1500 is the original amount of money that the kidnappers decide to set as the ransom, but then they decide that they need more money, so they ask for $2000
  3. All of the answers here are correct and accurate
  4. $2,000 is the amount of money that Sam and Bill originally planned to ask in ransom, but Bill asked Sam to lower the ransom amount to $1500 for fear that $2000 might be too much to ask
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