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Lob's Girl (Grade 6)

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Lob's Girl

In the story Lob's Girl, why does Sandy end up in the hospital?
  1. she catches the flu after a swim in the ocean
  2. she falls down the steps to the beach and breaks her leg
  3. she is hit by a truck on the steep hill outside her house
  4. she is visiting her Aunt Rebecca
The bond that exists between Lob and Sandy is born of love.
  1. True
  2. False
In the beginning of the story, where does the setting take place?
  1. In Liverpool
  2. in Sandy's house
  3. in the hospital
  4. at the beach
In the beginning of Lob's Girl the author writes, "LOW GEAR FOR 1 1/2 MILES, DANGEROUS TO CYCLISTS. What literary skill is this?
  1. flashback
  2. theme
  3. foreshadowing
  4. plot
Which of the following would describe Lob's character traits?
  1. loyal and lazy
  2. lazy and clumsy
  3. wet and mean
  4. loyal and persistent
In the actual story, the author starts by saying "Some people chose their dogs, and some dogs choose their people. The Pengelly family had no say in the choosing of Lob: he came to them in the second way, and very decisively." what point of view is this?                               
                              If the author had started her story by telling us, "My dog Lob first bounced into my life the summer I was five" she would have been writing from what point of view?
How do Sandy and Lob feel about each other? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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