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Greyling (Grade 6)

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The fisherman and his wife feel grief when they lose Greyling. Choose the word or words that are closest in meaning to the word grief.
  1. disappointment
  2. greed
  3. deep sadness
  4. fear
Why does Greyling pull free from his mother's arms and dive off the cliff?
  1. He is tired of his mother's worrying.
  2. He wants to show the townspeople that he's not a coward.
  3. He's already becoming a seal and he doesn't want his mother to see.
  4. He wants to save his father.
Greyling longs for the sea but loves the couple who raised him. Which statement best explains the resolution of this conflict?
  1. Greyling returns to the ocean but comes back to see his parents from time to time.
  2. Greyling chooses the sea and the life of a seal.
  3. After rescuing the fisherman, Greyling turns his back on the sea and lives the rest of his life on land.
  4. After the townspeople promise to take care of the couple, Greyling returns to the ocean.
The fisherman's wife wants to keep Greyling because
  1. her other children are grown up
  2. she wants a baby to hold in her arms
  3. she's bored with the townspeople
  4. she likes seals
Which of the following best explains the conflict between the fisherman's wife and the townspeople?
  1. They think her son is strange.
  2. They refuse to help her husband.
  3. They live in a town and she lives on the shore.
  4. The sea storm has destroyed the family's hut.
Which of the following best summarizes what the fisherman and his wife learn at the end of this story?
  1. Parents need to keep a closer watch on their children.
  2. Sometimes you need to let go of someone you love.
  3. Those who upset the balance of nature are punished.
  4. To have friends, you must be a friend.
The fisherman's wife's conflict about Greyling returning to the sea is resolved
  1. when Greyling returns to them forever
  2. when she thinks Greyling has drowned
  3. when she sees how determined Greyling is to rescue his father
  4. when she realizes that Greyling, being part seal, will be happier in the sea
Which of the following best describes Greyling's internal conflict while growing up with his human parents?
  1. Greyling is very lonely, but he doesn't want his parents to know.
  2. Greyling is drawn to the sea, but he doesn't understand why.
  3. Greyling would like to swim, but he's afraid to jump from the cliff.
  4. Greyling wants to forget all about his past life as a selchie, but he can't.
Which sentence best describes the fisherman's feelings at the end of the story?
  1. He feels he'll never get over his grief.
  2. He is more worried about his wife than himself.
  3. He is angry at the townspeople.
  4. He misses his son but accepts Greyling's decision.
Which quote from the story best defines the term "selchie"?
  1. "It's nothing but a seal pup."
  2. "We shall call him Greyling."
  3. "You have no father and you have no mother."
  4. "They are men upon the land and seals in the sea."
The setting at the exposition of the story is                             .
  1. a great storm
  2. the great grey cliffs
  3. a village by the sea
  4. the sea where Greyling lives
Which one of these events best describes the climax of this story?
  1. The fisherman finds a seal.
  2. Greyling dives into the ocean to save his father.
  3. The fisherman's wife said, "You call this nothing?"
  4. Greyling comes home to tell his parents tales.
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