Rational Number Word Problems (Grade 7)

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Rational Number Word Problems

During a recent football game, Ryan had rushes of 12 yards, 6 yards and 9 yards before losing 7 yards on a play. How many total yards did he gain during the game?
  1. 33 yards
  2. 20 yards
  3. 27 yards
  4. 37 yards
Hilton Head Island is about 12 miles long. Susan has a map that shows the island. If the scale on the map is 1 inch = [math]1/2[/math]mile, what is the length of the island on Susan's map?
  1. 6 inches
  2. 12 inches
  3. 18 inches
  4. 24 inches
The air temperature in the North Pole in the morning was 3 degrees Celsius. By 10:00 am the temperature dropped 12 degrees. By noon the temperature had gone up 5 degrees. At 3:00 pm the temperature went up 9 degrees. By nightfall the temperature had dropped 16 more degrees. What was the temperature at the North Pole at nightfall?
  1. 11 °C
  2. 0 °C
  3. -11 °C
  4. -9 °C
In Tim's class of 25 students, 15 of the students have traveled outside their home state. Which number does NOT represent the part of the class that has traveled outside their home state?
  1. [math]10/15[/math]
  2. [math]60%[/math]
  3. [math]0.6[/math]
  4. [math]3/5[/math]
3/7 of 8th graders play sports. If 3/5 of the 8th graders that play sports are boys, what fraction of 8th grade boys play sports?
  1. 6/12
  2. 36/35
  3. 9/35
  4. 3/5
Mr. Smith has an account balance of -$275.78. He deposits $539.20 into his account. What is Mr. Smith's account balance now?
  1. $814.98
  2. $263.42
  3. $539.78
  4. $345.98
John ran [math]4 3/5[/math] miles Monday, [math]4 1/2[/math] miles Tuesday, and [math]3 3/5[/math] miles Wednesday. How many total miles did John run?
  1. [math]74 26/50[/math] miles
  2. [math]12 7/10[/math] miles
  3. [math]11 7/12[/math] miles
  4. [math]12[/math] miles
You are selling pies for a fundraiser. You make $5.50 profit for each pie you sell. How many must you sell in order to make a profit of at least $100?
  1. 19
  2. 18
  3. 550
  4. 100
Doug is preparing a poster board for his science fair project. The board is 0.665 meters across. He wants a 0.05 meter border around the edges of the poster. What is the remaining length across the poster board for Doug to work with after the border is added?
  1. 0.165 meters
  2. 0.565 meters
  3. 0.615 meters
  4. 0.655 meters
A pitcher contains [math]3 1/2[/math] quarts of milk. You pour [math]1 7/8[/math] quarts into a smaller pitcher. How many quarts of milk are left in the first pitcher?
  1. [math]1 3/4[/math] quarts
  2. [math]1 5/8[/math] quarts
  3. [math]2 5/8[/math] quarts
  4. [math]2 3/4[/math] quarts

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