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Heritage and Culture Quiz (Grade 2)

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Heritage and Culture Quiz

Something that is passed down from ancestors is
  1. money
  2. population
  3. heritage
A                 is a special way of doing something that was passed down over time.
  1. neighborhood
  2. tradition
  3. history
_________________________ is a way of life, a custom, or a belief that has come from the past and continues today.

A tradition is
  1. something from the past
  2. something from the present
  3. something from the future
What do you call the food, language, holidays, and beliefs of a group of people?
  1. Culture
  2. Kwanzaa
  3. Climate
What is an element of culture?
  1. language
  2. government
  3. population
Which of these is NOT part of a person's culture?
  1. height
  2. foods
  3. holidays
Which of these is true?
  1. Families around the world eat different kinds of food..
  2. Families around the world speak the same language.
  3. Families around the world live in the same kind of a shelter.
There are many different types of cultures and customs around the world. We are all different.
  1. True
  2. False
Describe one good thing that can come from experiencing another culture besides your own?

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