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Using Sources (Grade 7)

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Using Sources

How many people should you get information from to record family history?
  1. only one or two
  2. at least a thousand
  3. as many as possible
  4. your immediate family
If you were recording your family's oral history, who would be the best people to talk to?
  1. yourself
  2. only the children
  3. the oldest people in the family
  4. the youngest people in the family
If you were doing a report on the desert, which source would contain the most information?
  1. a song about the desert
  2. a picture book about the desert
  3. an encyclopedia entry about the desert
  4. a website with multiple pages about the desert
Which reference source would you use if you wanted to information about the Trojan War?
  1. dictionary
  2. encyclopedia
  3. atlas
  4. telephone book
Which source would be BEST for finding information about the Creek tribe?
  1. atlas
  2. thesaurus
  3. dictionary
  4. encyclopedia
In which source would a student MOST LIKELY find the meaning of the word escape?
  1. an atlas
  2. a thesaurus
  3. a dictionary
  4. an encyclopedia
If you were considering a vegetable garden this spring and you wanted to make sure you planted your peppers and cucumbers at the right time of the year, in which source would you look for such information?
  1. an atlas
  2. an almanac
  3. an encyclopedia
  4. a local magazine

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