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Study Habits Quiz (Grade 6)

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Study Habits Quiz

Instructions: How are your study habits? Do you have things under control at school, then get home and find you don't know what you have for homework? Are you comfortable asking for help when you need it? Take this short quiz to learn more about your study habits.

You don't fully understand the directions for the essay you need to write, what do you do?
  1. Talk to your teacher.
  2. Ask your friends or parents for help.
  3. Write what you can and hand the essay in partially finished.
How often do you get your homework in on time?
  1. Always
  2. Usually
  3. Sometimes
When you do your homework you
  1. work in a space dedicated to doing homework, free from distractions.
  2. work wherever there is space and are occasionally distracted by people or electronics.
  3. work where you can and are frequently distracted by people or electronics.
Your teacher says it is time to hand in your homework. You                 your homework.
  1. hand in
  2. can't find
  3. didn't do
You have a science worksheet for homework. When you start your homework you reach into your backpack and                 the worksheet.
  1. take out
  2. can't find
  3. throw away
You have a history test tomorrow, how do you study?
  1. Review the study guide then use it to create your own practice test.
  2. Read over your notes, you'll remember the details when you see the questions.
  3. Get a good night's sleep and not worry about studying.
Despite trying your best to get your homework done, you find your mind keeps wandering. What do you do?
  1. Take a short break and do something enjoyable then try again.
  2. Try harder but keep getting distracted.
  3. Give up.
When you have a long term project, how do you approach your work?
  1. You break down the project into smaller tasks, prioritize the tasks, and follow a schedule to complete the project on time.
  2. You put your best effort into completing the project, but find out after you hand it in that you missed doing a couple key parts.
  3. You start the project the night before, stay up late into the night working on it, then bring what you have in the next day and ask your teacher for an extension.
You get back your math test. What do you do with it?
  1. Correct your answers as the teacher reviews it and put it in your math binder.
  2. Listen while the teacher reviews it and put it in your locker.
  3. Throw it away.
You get a graded assignment back from your teacher with "See Me" written on it. What do you do?
  1. Talk to your teacher after class, listen to his or her suggestions, then try to follow the suggestions on the next assignment.
  2. Talk to the teacher after class, but get defensive when he or she makes suggestions and decide your way is better.
  3. Ignore the teacher's note and don't talk to him or her about the assignment.
Calculate your score. Give yourself 2 points for each question you answered "A", 1 point for each "B", and 0 points for each "C".

Total Points:

Rookie: 0 - 8 Points
Time to brush up on your study skills! Ask your teacher, a parent, or school guidance counselor for some help getting organized and learning study strategies. It may take a bit of work, but you can improve your study habits!

Amateur: 9 - 14 Points
You are off to a good start! You have some good, basic study habits that you can build upon. Try asking your teacher for some new strategies to improve your study skills.

Pro: 15 - 20 Points
Well done! You are a master of study habits. Remember, even masters continually improve their ways, so try out new study strategies as your teacher suggests them.

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