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Test Study Strategies Checklist (Grade 6)

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Test Study Strategies Checklist

What strategies will you use to prepare for your upcoming test or quiz? You may check more than one, but only check the ones you plan to use!

[math]square[/math] Review study guide

[math]square[/math] Create study guide

[math]square[/math] Create strategy flashcards

[math]square[/math] Study with a friend

[math]square[/math] Have someone quiz me

[math]square[/math] Explain information to someone else

[math]square[/math] Review homework

[math]square[/math] Review past quizzes

[math]square[/math] Make practice test

[math]square[/math] Use mnemonics, crazy sayings, or drawings

[math]square[/math] Reread text

[math]square[/math] Rewrite Notes

[math]square[/math] Review Notes

[math]square[/math] Study material over several days

[math]square[/math] Ask my teacher questions about topics I don't fully understand

[math]square[/math] Other:

Be sure to get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast!

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