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Study Strategies Reflection Form (Grade 7)

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Study Strategies Reflection Form

a.) Are you happy with the results of your test or quiz? YES [math]square[/math] NO [math]square[/math]

b.) What is one thing you think you did well on this assessment? For example, did you improve your grade from your last quiz, remember some details you were afraid you might forget, or perhaps write a well-organized response paragraph?

c.) What is one thing you want to improve on for the next assessment? For example, was there a type of question (multiple-choice, essay, T/F) you struggled with, did you have trouble remembering specific details, or misread/misunderstand questions?

d.) What study strategies did you use to prepare for this assessment?

e.) What was the one study strategy you found most helpful?

f.) What is one new study strategy you will try for your next assessment?

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