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Musical Instrument Comprehensive (Grade 9)

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Musical Instrument Comprehensive

Instructions: Circle or fill in the correct answer to each question.

What instrument uses this clef consistently?                 
C Clef
Name 4 instruments that use this clef:
F Clef

Clarinets can be made of what material/s?
  1. Plastic, Wood
  2. Metal
  3. Hard Rubber, Ivory, Resin
  4. All of the above
  5. All of the Above
Which woodwind instrument family is the largest?                       
Name 3 instruments that use a single reed:

Name two instruments that use a double reed:

What are the two things that must be done to make a sound out of this instrument?
Instrument - Accordion

Name at least 3 instruments in this family.
Instrument - Clarinet

A person who plays the flute is called a:
  1. Flautist
  2. Flute player
  3. Flutist
  4. All of the above
Name at least 3 members of this woodwind family:
Instrument - Flute

Name at least 4 auxiliary percussion instruments:

Name at least 5 tuned percussion instruments:

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