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Peer Relationships (Grade 9)

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Peer Relationships

Which is an important quality of a healthy relationship?
  1. role
  2. citizenship
  3. being passive
  4. mutual respect
When you are clear about your values:
  1. you weaken your relationships
  2. you are indifferent about your relationships
  3. you strengthen your relationships
  4. you tolerate your relationships
Which is an example of bullying?
  1. Threatening to harm a classmate if he refuses give up his homework to be copied.
  2. Threatening to tell the teacher if a certain classmate keeps talking to you during tests.
  3. Having a friend walk home from school with you because you are afraid to walk alone.
  4. Telling a group of students in the library to lower their voices.
If someone is being bullied at school, they should:
  1. just ignore the bully until they go away.
  2. stay home from school to avoid the bully.
  3. tell a trusted adult about the problem and ask for help.
  4. get a group of friends to gang up on the bully and attack that person.
An example of emotional abusive behavior toward a dating partner is
  1. throwing objects at a dating partner.
  2. spitting at a dating partner.
  3. criticizing a dating partner's clothing.
  4. grabbing a dating partner.
Inviting a new student to join a school club will most likely impact the new student's:
  1. sense of resiliency
  2. sense of competence
  3. sense of belonging
  4. sense of autonomy
If you offer moral support to a friend who is going through a tough time, you are:
  1. forgiving him or her
  2. tolerating him or her
  3. sympathizing with him or her
  4. empathizing with him or her
What is the goal of peer mediation?
  1. To help students get over their conflicts
  2. To determine which side is right in a conflict
  3. To punish students who have broken the rules
  4. To make sure both parties remain neutral
Teens who respect themselves probably will choose friends who:
  1. are the smartest students in the class.
  2. participate in a wide variety of school activities.
  3. share all of their beliefs, tastes, and ideas.
  4. treat them with respect.
You and your best friend just had an argument and you are both very upset. Your next step should be...
  1. Plan to fight her/him after school the next day.
  2. Tell all of your friends what s/he did to you and tell them not to talk to her/him.
  3. Take time to think about what happened and how you can improve the situation.
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