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Nutrition - Eating Healthy (Grade 5)

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Nutrition - Eating Healthy

When trying to maintain a balanced diet it is important to
  1. eat from all of the food groups.
  2. eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else.
  3. Completely avoid all fats and sugars.
  4. Skip breakfast once a week.
A healthy eating habit would consist of eating how many well balanced meals a day?
  1. 7
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 6
What food gives us energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins? It is probably the first food we ever had.
  1. milk
  2. cookies
  3. apples
Milk, cheese, and yogurt are in which group?
  1. Meat group
  2. Dairy group
  3. Bread group
This food group is made up of foods such as apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, and bananas. What is the food group?
  1. Meat & Beans
  2. Oils
  3. Vegetables
  4. Fruits
This food group is made up of foods such as pasta, rice, bread, and oats. What is the food group?
  1. Vegetables
  2. Milk
  3. Grains
  4. Meats & Beans
This mineral is important because it helps in building bones and teeth and maintaining bone strength. This mineral is commonly found in milk. What is the mineral?
  1. Calcium
  2. Sodium
  3. Fat
  4. Water
Which food would provide the healthiest energy?
  1. cheeseburger
  2. french fries
  3. grilled chicken
  4. Snickers candy bar
Would this be a balanced meal?
  1. eggs, toast, orange juice and milk
  2. doughnuts and soda
  3. cereal without milk
  4. a banana and a peach
What is the best way to include whole grains in your diet?
  1. include them during holiday meals
  2. substitute whole grains for refined grains
  3. take them as a vitamin supplement
  4. take them as a mineral supplement
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