Periodic Trigonometric Functions (Grades 11-12)

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Periodic Trigonometric Functions

Draw the function [math]f(x)=2sin x[/math] on the graph.
Graph 10x10

Draw the function [math]f(x)=5cos(3x+2)-4[/math] on the graph.
Graph 10x10

The maximum value of the function [math]f(x)=3 tan(x+2) -1[/math] is 2.
  1. True
  2. False
The values of the function [math]f(x)= sin(x-2)+3[/math] are always positive.
  1. True
  2. False
The function [math]f(x)=2 sin(3x) +1[/math] has                 frequency when compared to [math]f(x)=3 sin(3x) +2[/math].
  1. the same
  2. a greater
  3. a lesser
The amplitude of a sine wave can be described as the magnitude of the difference in values between the                      and the                                           .
The function [math]f(x)=3 sin(2x)[/math] has a larger amplitude than [math]f(x)=4 cos(x)-2[/math].
  1. True
  2. False
Draw the function [math]f(x)= sin(0.5x)+1[/math] on the graph. Draw and label the x-axis and y-axis.
Grid 10x10

Draw the function [math]f(x)= tan x[/math] on the graph. Choose an appropriate scale and label the x-axis and y-axis.
Grid 10x10

Which of the following best describes the values of the function [math]f(x)=3cosx+2 ?[/math]
  1. Always positive
  2. Always negative
  3. Mostly positive
  4. Mostly negative
  5. Equally positive and negative

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