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Concert Etiquette (Grade 5)

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Concert Etiquette

Instructions: Select the correct answer to each question.

If you must enter or leave during a concert, you should do so
  1. when they are playing loud
  2. in between songs
  3. when they are playing softly
  4. at any time
Using flash photography during a concert:
  1. makes the performance better.
  2. is the best way to get a good picture.
  3. blinds the performers.
  4. is the only way to take a picture.
You are sitting for a long time during a performance and your foot falls asleep. You should:
  1. stomp your foot to wake it up during the music.
  2. grit your teeth and wait until the song is over to stand.
  3. stand up .
  4. walk around.
Performers can be distracted by:
  1. whispering and laughing
  2. movement and shuffling
  3. candy wrappers
  4. all of the above
When the conductor enters, the attendees should:
  1. clap politely.
  2. whistle.
  3. stomp their feet.
  4. stand up and yell.
During a performance you should:
  1. not talk until the song is over.
  2. whisper to your friends.
  3. text on your cell phone.
  4. read a book.
At a performance, you should turn off all noisy devices because:
  1. they can interrupt the performance.
  2. they are a distraction to those around you.
  3. because you are there to pay attention.
  4. all of the above.
If you begin sneezing or coughing during a performance you should:
  1. leave immediately.
  2. stay and try to be as quiet as possible.
  3. blow your nose noisily.
  4. ask your friends for cough drops and tissues.
At a performance it is polite to:
  1. turn off your cell phone.
  2. refrain from eating or drinking.
  3. remain quiet.
  4. all of the above
If you must leave your seat you should:
  1. walk out quietly.
  2. lower your head.
  3. say "excuse me".
  4. all of the above
When should you clap during a classical performance?
  1. whenever you feel like it.
  2. when the music is done.
  3. during a rest.
  4. when the conductor turns to the audience.
When the band or orchestra begins tuning, you should:
  1. continue to whisper.
  2. be quiet.
  3. open your candy wrapper now while you can.
  4. stand up and stretch.
A concert-goer should not wear a hat to a performance because:
  1. it is not fashionable.
  2. it blocks the view of the stage.
  3. they are distracting to the conductor.
  4. it will block the sound.
When attending a performance, one should:
  1. arrive on time
  2. wait until the first piece begins to enter.
  3. arrive early.
  4. enter when your friend or relative is playing
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