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Making Predictions (Grade 3)

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Making Predictions

Jan's alarm clock did not go off. She rushed to get dressed for school. She could hear the school bus horn blowing outside, but she had not grabbed her bookbag or any breakfast yet.

What do you predict will happen next?

Carlos said he was craving something sweet to eat. What do you predict Carlos will do next?
  1. Eat some potato chips
  2. Play outside
  3. Eat a piece of chocolate cake
  4. Drink some tea
Katie was telling her friends a story about a trick her dog can do. Her friends thought it was very funny. What do you predict her friends did next?
  1. They laughed.
  2. They cried out with fear.
  3. They got mad.
  4. They went home sad.
Quanekqua's bus picks her up at 7:00 but Quanekqua didn't wake up until 6:45. She still needs to get dressed and eat breakfast. What do you predict will happen next?
  1. Quanekqua will make it to her bus stop on time.
  2. Quanekqua will miss her bus.
  3. Quankequa will go back to sleep.
  4. The bus driver will wait an extra 15 min. for Quanekqua.
Rachel was excited about today. She was turning one year older. IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY! Rachel's mom was coming to her school with a special treat. What do you predict she brought?
  1. Cupcakes
  2. Textbooks
  3. Presents
  4. Applesauce
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