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Visual Arts Quiz (Grade 1)

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Visual Arts Quiz

A painting or drawing that uses just one color is a monochromatic picture.
  1. True
  2. False
Balance can be symmetrical or asmmetrical.
  1. True
  2. False
What material do we use to make a pinch pot?
  1. Paper
  2. Clay
  3. Wood
Making art with glue and paper is called:
  1. sculpture
  2. printing
  3. collage
A drawing of flowers in a vase is a                .
  1. portrait
  2. still life
  3. abstract art
A line that travels up and down is a:
  1. horizontal line
  2. curved line
  3. vertical
Name the line that separates the land from the sky.
  1. vertical
  2. horizontal
  3. diagonal
A chimney is an example of what type of line?
  1. vertical
  2. horizontal
  3. diagonal
  4. backwards
What is the name of Picasso's first painting period?
  1. Blue Period
  2. Cubist Period
  3. Rose Period
What was the name of Picasso's second painting period?
  1. Rose Period
  2. Blue Period
  3. Cubist Period
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