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Comprehensive Dance Review (Grade 8)

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Comprehensive Dance Review

Any movement that is executed "outwards" such as fouettes or pirouttes is                           
A movement executed "inwards" such as pirouttes and fouettes is called                           
Which shoulder do you pass when you do a do-sa-do?
  1. Right
  2. Left
The Irish Step dance is considered a cultural dance.
  1. True
  2. False
To cut. A movement that calls for the foot to be sharply pulled off the floor and placed either in from of back of the ankle.
  1. Coupe
  2. Passe
  3. Tombe
  4. Sous sus
A battement is BEST known as:
  1. an allegro step executed only at 90 degree angles
  2. a kicking movement of the leg
  3. a movement of the leg that "disengages"
  4. round of the leg
The term "bras" refers to the moving of the:
  1. legs
  2. arms
  3. feet
  4. head
Honor your partner means to:
  1. Shake hands
  2. Salute your partner
  3. Hold hands
  4. Bow to your partner
You always do an allemande left with your
  1. Partner
  2. Corner
  3. New Partner
  4. Leader
Which direction do you go when you promenade?
  1. Clockwise
  2. Counterclockwise
  3. Vertical
  4. Horizontal
The partner is always on what side of the man when he is facing the center of the square?
  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Front
  4. Back
When holding hands in a circle, the man's palms should always face what direction?
  1. Upwards
  2. Sideways
  3. Downwards
  4. Diagonal
Which couple always starts a new dance with it's back to the music?
  1. Couple one
  2. Couple two
  3. Couple three
  4. Couple four
The art of arranging dance movements for performance.
  1. choreography
  2. jazz
  3. movements
  4. improvisation
A movement that is known "to chase" in second position across the floor:
  1. Degage
  2. Battement
  3. Chasse
  4. Bourree
Any movement to the side is said to be:
  1. A la deux
  2. A la seconde
  3. A la trois
  4. A la un
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